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Hauser's new music video - filmed inside Budapest's Museum of Fine Arts - for his version of George Frideric Handel's ‘Lascia Ch'io Pianga' from his debut solo album Classic. Early 1930s cartoons featured popular musicians performing their hit songs on-camera in live-action segments during the cartoons The early animated films by Walt Disney , such as the Silly Symphonies shorts and especially Fantasia , which featured several interpretations of classical pieces, were built around music.
13 Also in 1961, after integrating his son Ricky Nelson's musical performances into the television program The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet for several episodes, Ozzie Nelson created a stand-alone video for the song "Travelin' Man," superimposing travelogue footage over a performance.

The band OK Go capitalized on the growing trend, having achieved fame through the videos for two of their songs, " A Million Ways " in 2005 and " Here It Goes Again " in 2006, both of which first became well-known online (OK Go repeated the trick with another high-concept video in 2010, for their song " This Too Shall Pass ").
I'm going to be the first person to admit that quite frankly, I have no idea what compelled me to watch Skrillex's new video for his remix of GTA's Red Lips.” But, just under four minutes later, I'm equally astounded at the weirdly funky mutant disco rave it depicted in between the oontz-oontz-oontzing.

By the mid-2000s, MTV and many of its sister channels had largely abandoned showing music videos in favor of reality television shows, which were more popular with its audiences, and which MTV had itself helped to pioneer with the show The Real World , which premiered in 1992.
Swedish director Filip Nilsson was hired in February to make a video for Major Lazer's song with Marcus Mumford, Lay Your Head on Me.” Nilsson said his original vision would have been a dream project” for him, one that involved Diplo carrying a horse over his shoulders in the middle of a big field, but they soon realized that they wouldn't be able to pull off a big shoot with locations in Los Angeles and London given stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions.
It was the direct model for the successful US TV series The Monkees (1966-1968), which similarly consisted of film segments that were created to accompany various Monkees songs. Sam Lovullo, the producer of the television series Hee Haw , said his show presented "what were, in reality, the first musical videos," 24 while JMI Records made the same claim with Don Williams ' 1973 song "The Shelter of Your Eyes".

And Mel C has gone all out for the music video for her latest track, as fans see her transform into a computer game avatar in a fighting-style game. During this period, MTV launched channels around the world to show music videos produced in each local market: MTV Latin America in 1993, MTV India in 1996, and MTV Mandarin in 1997, among others.
It also predates what the Beatles did with promotional films of their single " Paperback Writer " and B-Side " Rain " both released in 1966. During the first weeks of COVID-19's spread across the United States, the music industry mostly cycled out the videos it already had in the can.

Soundies , produced and released from 1940 to 1947, were musical films that often included short dance sequences, similar to later music videos. Such websites had a profound effect on the viewing of music videos; some artists began to see success as a result of videos seen mostly or entirely online.

Christian Audio Series For Business Owners

Christian women today have many women mentors and role models from Bible days on which to base their business and leadership ventures. Considering the human person as the foundation and purpose of the political community means in the first place working to recognize and respect human dignity through defending and promoting fundamental and inalienable human rights: In our time the common good is chiefly guaranteed when personal rights and duties are maintained”.787 The rights and duties of the person contain a concise summary of the principal moral and juridical requirements that must preside over the construction of the political community.
Edwards was 18th-century America's most famous intellectual theologian, articulating for Christians of his generation, and down to our day, a vision of American life centered on the sovereignty of God and what Edwards called the spiritual affections.Readers will get more than just theology, however, in Marsden's presentation of the Puritan as husband and pastor.

346 Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, Gaudium et Spes, 26: AAS 58 (1966), 1046; cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1905-1912; John XXIII, Encyclical Letter Mater et Magistra: AAS 53 (1961), 417-421; John XXIII, Encyclical Letter Pacem in Terris: AAS 55 (1963), 272-273; Paul VI, Apostolic Letter Octogesima Adveniens, 46: AAS 63 (1971), 433-435.
702 Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2429; cf. Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et Spes, 63: AAS 58 (1966), 1084-1085; John Paul II, Encyclical Letter Centesimus Annus, 48: AAS 83 (1991), 852-854; John spiritual growth for business owners Paul II, Encyclical Letter Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, 15: AAS 80 (1988), 528-530; John Paul II, Encyclical Letter Laborem Exercens, 17: AAS 73 (1981), 620-622; John XXIII, Encyclical Letter Mater et Magistra: AAS 53 (1961), 413-415.

The very rapid expansion in ways and means of communication in real time”, such as those offered by information technology, the extraordinary advances in computer technology, the increased volume of commerce and information exchange all bear witness to the fact that, for the first time since the beginning of human history, it is now possible — at least technically — to establish relationships between people who are separated by great distances and are unknown to each other.
1222 Cf. Saint Thomas Aquinas, QD De caritate, a. 9, c; Pius XI, Encyclical Letter Quadragesimo Anno: AAS 23 (1931), 206-207; John XXIII, Encyclical Letter Mater et Magistra: AAS 53 (1961), 410; Paul VI, Address to FAO (16 November 1970), 11: AAS 62 (1970), 837-838; John Paul II, Address to the Members of the Pontifical Commission Iustitia et Pax” (9 February 1980), 7: AAS 72 (1980), 187.
Billy Graham in the 1950s to create "spiritual programs for business professionals." He left his full time role at the company to become a preacher at Graham's advice , and now oversees the administration of "Laity Lodge," a Christian retreat center in Texas.

507 Cf. John Paul II, Address to Spanish Bishops on their Ad Limina Visit (19 February 1998), 4: L'Osservatore Romano, English edition, 11 March 1998, p. 5; Pontifical Council for the Family, Family, Marriage and De facto Unions” (26 July 2000), 23, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Vatican City 2000, pp. 40-43; Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons (3 June 2003), Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Vatican City 2003.

Solving Serious Tax Problems

Working to ensure maximum tax advantages for business and individual clients. The national real estate practice at Cozen 'Connor represented Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center Local Development Corporation (GMDC) in the acquisition, development, and financing of an Ozone Park manufacturing facility in Queens, New York.
The firm also handles defense of taxpayers involved in civil and criminal tax investigations, collection or enforcement actions, including tax audits, tax refund claims, tax penalty abatements, Collection Appeal Program (CAP) requests, Collection Due Process appeals CPAs (CDP), collection hardship petitions, problem resolution petitions, taxpayer advocate petitions, Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order (ATAO) (IRS Form 911), conciliation conference requests, tax protests, U.S. Tax Court Petitions, and tax appeals.

This includes the collection or enforcement tools that are so disruptive to life and business: Notices of Federal Tax Liens, which can make getting any kind of loan impossible, prevent buying or selling of property, damage credit, bank levies (freeze and seize”), wage levies, social security levies (the IRS can seize 15% of one's social security benefits, third party contacts (contacting the customers of a business).
Geoffrey D. Ferrer, vice chair of Cozen 'Connor's Transportation & Trade Practice Group and Office Managing Partner of the New York Downtown Office, has been sworn in as a member of the Republic of the Marshall Islands bar becoming one of only 54 admitted and active Marshall Islands attorneys.

We understand business and legal intricacies of cross-border taxation and have substantial experience structuring international transactions, operations, holdings and investments, including advantageous use of tax deferral techniques, tax treaties and entity classifications.
Cozen 'Connor has significantly bolstered the strength and scope of its national real estate practice with the addition of eight experienced lateral attorneys across the Washington, DC, New York, West Palm Beach, Wilmington, Philadelphia and Minneapolis offices in recent months, including seven partners and one associate.

Ken Fisher, of the New York City office and Real Estate Practice Group, was mentioned in a Capital New York article titled, "Controversial Magnate Pokes Holes in Bloomberg's Styrofoam Ban." The article explains the financed lobbying effort the City Council successfully pushed to alter Michael Bloomberg's bill to ban the use of styrofoam in food establishments.

Texas Attorneys

Val helps clients involved in complex U.S. federal and state tax controversies, including administrative resolution and in litigation. Mirroring the capabilities of the Firm's broader, 350-attorney Litigation Department, our Dallas litigators handle all aspects of our clients' litigation engagements, including pre-dispute counseling, filing complaints and engaging in motion practice, discovery, trial, and appeals.
Lead Counsel's objective process independently verifies attorney records, conferring with state bars across the country and conducting annual reviews to confirm that the attorney practices in the legal categories as indicated, possesses a valid bar license, and is eligible to practice in the specific jurisdiction.

He has experience in a wide variety of matters, including the partnership and corporate tax planning in connection with fund formation and operations, drafting LLC and partnership agreements, corporate governance, structuring and negotiating business transactions, structuring tax-efficient debt workouts, cross-border transactions, and deferred compensation plans.
When a client's need goes beyond the expertise or jurisdiction of a tax attorney, our firm has a global network of lawyers for international and cross-border issues and other Gray Reed attorneys who focus on areas such as estate planning, corporate, banking and finance, energy, construction, healthcare, labor and employment, real estate, intellectual property, white-collar defense, employee benefits and executive compensation, appellate and commercial litigation.

Mr. Jones was a Trial Attorney with the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice, and received substantial trial experience in the United States District Courts representing the United States in lawsuits involving taxpayers seeking to recover taxes paid to the Jones advises and represents clients in tax planning and IRS tax controversies which include audits, appeals, collections, criminal tax matters, and civil and criminal tax litigation, and general business matters.
Our goal is to lead clients efficiently and professionally through the ever-changing maze of tax issues and ensure that existing or contemplated financial affairs of clients are structured in a practical and cost-effective manner that achieves business or personal objectives with minimal exposure to tax.

While we regularly counsel individuals on these issues, our main focus is on employers: large and small, closely held, and public companies engaged in a variety of pursuits, including oil and gas, banking, steel, cement, hotel and hospitality services, distribution, retail, manufacturing, and charitable and other tax-exempt activities.
Members of the tax group have been recognized in The Best Lawyers in America for Tax Law, hold advanced degrees including the L.L.M in International Taxation, are licensed Certified Public Accountants, and have held positions with leading tax organizations throughout the country.

Best Washington, DC Tax Attorneys

Elizabeth also advises clients on tax planning matters, including captive insurance arrangements and the tax treatment of settlement payments and legal fees (including tax reporting requirements). The TAPS endowment fund primarily supports the Christine A. Brunswick Public Service Fellowship program, which provides two-year fellowships for recent law school graduates to work for non-profit organizations offering tax-related legal assistance to underserved communities.
Individuals and businesses residing in the Virginia area that have questions about offshore voluntary disclosures and the 2018 OVDP should consult with the experienced IRS voluntary disclosure attorney, Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group that has over 40+ years of serving clients with offshore bank accounts and international assets.

Castro & Co. has four office locations in Washington, DC, Dallas , Orlando, and Miami If you need help with an international tax matter, our team is prepared to offer you a complimentary case evaluation to help you find the best solution to address your needs.
The increasing complexity of the tax law makes it more important than ever to use a firm that can draw upon a team of lawyers with a broad range of in-depth experience to develop creative and practical solutions to complex business and financial problems, as well as a sensitivity to delivering timely, cost-effective client service.

If you would like to learn more about the legal services offered at Thorn Law Group or would like to discuss a tax law matter with an experienced New Jersey tax attorney, we encourage you to contact Kevin E. Thorn , Managing Partner, by calling (201) 842-7696 or by emailing ket@.
Michael Caballero is a former U.S. International Tax Counsel, U.S. Treasury Office of Tax Policy, where he was responsible for some of the most important legislative, treaty-based, and regulatory projects affecting multinational corporations and financial institutions.
International Tax Attorney Washington DC: Golding & Golding's International Tax Attorney Washington DC team represents clients nationwide and worldwide, in all aspects of IRS offshore voluntary disclosure law from our main offices in Irvine, Southern California.

Besides Mr. Lynam's non-docketed cases, his docketed casework includes representation for major corporations in tax-related matters including Exxon Mobil Corp.; Microsoft Lawyers Corp.; Washington Mutual, Inc.; Capital One Financial Corp.; Black & Decker Corp.; Veritas Software Corp.; Compaq Computer Corp.; Bravo Restaurants Inc.; and more.
As the supervisor of the IRS-sponsored military Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program in Wiesbaden, Germany, Mr. Pontius managed a staff of eight and ensured quality control over more than 2,000 federal and 700 state tax returns for members of the military community.

My years of working as an auditor and forensic accountant, coupled with my tax background, allow me to come up with creative strategies to solve IRS tax problems I have defended individuals and businesses involved in the most challenging state and federal tax controversies.
If your individual, family or business state tax issues in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia are so complex and problematic that tax litigation may be necessary, one law firm has the experience, knowledge, dedication and client commitment that gets results: Frost & Associates, LLC, led by our founding lawyer, Glen Frost (Tax Attorney, CPA, CFP® and LLM in taxation) , in Washington, D.C.

We are at the forefront of key employment compliance and defense issues -advocating, litigating and advising so that our clients can maintain their edge in the bring solutions that keep our clients focused on organizational development and business, rather than legal issues, enabling them to protect their most critical assets: their people and reputation.

Best Sofas And Chairs

Your sofa set is the centre of attention in your living room and the perfect spot to spend time with family or entertain guests. Doimo Salotti, Abode Sofas, Mantellassi 1926, Alpa Salotti, Marinelli, Domingolotti, Cava, Gyform, Gilles NOUAILHAC, IDP, Gamamobel, FLEXFORM, caliaitalia, Kingsgate Furniture ltd, Poles Salotti, LONGHI S.p.a., Fleming & Howland, GRASSOLER, marac srl, Furninova AB, cierre, D'ARGENTAT, MARIE'S CORNER, Nieri, DAVISON HIGHLEY, Himolla Polstermobel, Felis Felix s.r.l., Biesse, SAS, BUSNELLI and Others.
The concept for the Flexform space was expressed through an elegant series of settings, including living and dining areas and bedrooms, designed to afford visitors a captivating view of the vast and Best Couch for Heavy Person versatile Flexform collection. Meanwhile, the more expensive 3 seater sofas (£1000ish) mostly used a mix of manmade and natural fibres for the cover and a mix of foam and feather for the cushions.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab, comprised of experts and engineers who test fabric, furniture, and textiles every day, rounded up the best online sleeper sofas according to categorical expertise, reputable user reviews, and responses from our panel of consumer testers.
And like with any investment quality furnishings, the best sofa for your money should keep practicality a major priority as couches are pieces you'll live with for the long haul and should feature a variety of advantages regarding practicality including easy to clean fabrications, lightweight construction for easy moves, neutral upholstery to ensure that they look great in almost any room, convertible options if possible, and of course comfort.

We've scoured our favourite furniture retailers to find both sensible and stylish sofas, whether you're on a tight budget (we recommend the likes of Habitat and Heal's), looking for a savvy mid-range buy (in which case we refer you to the likes of DFS or John Lewis & Co) or are eager to splash out (in which case we highly recommend Roche Bobois or The Conran Shop).
Perfect for a more traditional room or as an accent piece in a bedroom, this tufted settee has a smaller footprint and comes in 15 hues, from neutral grays and beiges to eye-popping pinks and purples. The linen fabric upholstery of this sofa is very much soft to touch and offers a comfortable seat.
So when your ready to get a leather sofa and get a quality consultation from a furniture store , look no further than Grossman Furniture. Well designed with armrests with splayed legs hence emerging among the most quality office sofas. Buying a sofa is one of the most important purchases you can make for your home: it should look great whether or not it's dressed up with throw pillows , feel comfortable, and last for years.

See, feel, scratch (we won't judge) our performance fabrics and leathers in the comfort of your own home before you buy. Another mid-century modern inspired stunner, this c-shaped sectional may look straight out of an I Love Lucy set, and while it has a great look, there's no denying its generous take on being the most comfortable couch on the market.
Therefore, modern sofa set designs such as convertible sofa sets, loveseats, Modular Sofa Sets and recliner sofa sets are quite the rage today. Baker Furniture is among the best furniture brands on the market and offers custom-made sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and even accent chairs.

Are Your Video Calls Good Enough?

Have fun with your friends and loved ones with FaceFlow's free video calls. At Michigan State University, where classes are going virtual through the end of the semester, academics have started circulating a resource guide filled with alternatives to the popular video conferencing tool, which could put their students' privacy at risk and threatens to overload the system with hundreds of students tuning in at once.
Jitsi is a multiplatform, open-source video conferencing service, which lets you use its multiuser conference client or build your own. Sell online Configure the entire app with AES-256 standard to prevent chat database theft from hackers by generating specific keys for every user.

With Mirrorfly' video calling solution, connect users in a whole of about 5 participants or individual for a lively conversation on the go. Our video calling SDK for mobile & web serve beyond the possibilities to make secure & peer-to-peer video conference on Android, iOS & Websites.
The rapid growth of alternative social products has always been cause for concern at the famously paranoid Facebook, which devotes significant resources to monitoring emerging social products and then acquiring the companies behind them or copying their features While we are still in the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's already clear that consumer behavior is changing to cope with it — and that Facebook's existing product lineup has not met demand.
Whether live streams or previously recorded footage uploaded to your preferred media channels, Bandicam is the one to rely on. The latest technology can be used on YouTube , Webex , and Twitch but now it can also be used to record Facebook video calls in real-time.

Any additional features that could help boost productivity - Not all apps afford you the benefits of instant messaging or collaboration tools. Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and dedicated video conferencing systems can all connect to video conferences now via Webex Meetings and other services.
Most used and popular video calling apps and most popular social platform application and most used team working voice call apps you will find it. Video conferencing is a live, visual video connection between two or more people in separate locations, making it possible to talk directly with the people who matter most without missing those non-verbal cues that mean so much.

By default, voice & video is not enabled in your LiveEngage account. The virtual webcam option of OBS-Camera” will now appear in your video calling apps, such as Skype or Facebook Messenger. Enabling the Initiate voice conversation” permission will allow voice calls, the Initiate live video” permission will allow video calls.
Today, Google has announced that it is beginning to integrate Duo video calling within Android allowing people to place video calls to their contacts through Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps. It's also, like FaceTime, built right into the dialer of some phones, like Google Pixels and the latest Samsung phones, so you can just dial a number and hit the video chat button.

To join a live group call on Google Duo, you need to tap the group name>Join Video call. According to Google Duo, the calls one make on it are encrypted, which means they're private to the user and the person they're calling. While video conferencing software Zoom has seen surges in popularity amid the pandemic, its recent slate of security issues (including "zoombombing" - people breaking into meetings uninvited) may leave you looking for another option.
What it is: Facebook Messenger is a messaging, calling and video chatting app developed by Facebook. If you use Google Duo on your Android or iOS device and want to start a group video call on Google Duo, there are some simple steps you need to follow. According to the latest App Annie report , business apps hit 62 million downloads across iOS and Google Play during the week of March 14-21, 2020 worldwide.

Experience The Change In Technology

Various inventions in the field of the gaming systems have taken place in the recent days which stir our imaginations and fantasies. Some door-opening devices have already found their way to market - including the hygienehook”, created by London-based designer Steve Brooks Small enough to fit in a pocket and made from easy-to-clean non-porous material, the gadget is already available in four different varieties.
Consumers can also go online for searching cheap mobile phones offered by various retailers. These $6,000 hearing aids also serve as true wireless headphones and can connect to your smartphone mind blowing inventions via Bluetooth and be controlled with an app. Back in 2008, Swiss company Rinspeed launched the worldвЂs first ever automobile that can be driven both underwater and on land.

These days JBL is a leading name when it comes to iPod speakers and portable iPhone devices. Stylish, durable, and gloriously lightweight, the all-in-one security device locks with a key or a tree number combination and is capacious enough to hold your wallet, phone, watch, and jewelry when you head into the water or play in the sand.
These gadgets are equipped with advanced camera with which high quality images can be shot. These life changing moments, these inventions, these gizmo's and gadgets are the very stepping stones that fueled us for the science we do today. Most people automatically think of cell phones and traditional phone service when seeking a reliable device for their communication needs.

The new age phones feature advanced applications with which the users can get great ease in communication. These unique devices are embedded with various amazing and highly useful features. These smart electronic devices, mobile phones are the most wonderful digital inventions of the past 50 years.
Hit the beach in style this season with these chic summer essentials, cool accessories, and high-tech devices meant to take your sunny escape to the next level. Two of the most trusted names in the world of mobile phones are Samsung and LG, which have caused stirs in the whole mobile market.
Besides this, the smart bag will keep your devices charged up courtesy of the inbuilt 10,000mAh power bank, which also happens to power a wireless charger for flagship devices. This continual evolution has brought forth many new devices which enhance quality of life and convenience.

This innovative technology has made mobile phones more efficient linke Nokia N95. Just when you'd thought you were paying for every streaming service available to mankind, another one pops up. As Quibi preps itself for an April 6 debut on smartphones, but not televisions, it gave a keynote address at CES to explain itself.
These wonderful handsets of Samsung and LG are perfectly designed with highly demanding and latest features and offers an extremely pleasing working experience to the users. Besides the significant jump in speeds on our mobile devices, we are also likely to witness an increase in the communication between machines, allowing them to make their own decisions, and also augment ours.

Amazon is full of plenty of affordable gadgets and inventions if you know where to look. He started a company with his buddy Paul out in Washington named Microsoft and WaterPads 95 later turned into Windows 95. It was absolutely amazing the list of ideas and inventions contained in Yerkle's journals.
There are devices and equipments which will allow you to connect other multimedia equipments such as game consoles. However, the Motorola Mobile phones vs LG Mobile phones comparison is hard job to do. The music player and FM radio functions of N series gadgets are unusual and extensively amazing.

2020 Treasure Coast Ribs And Wings Festival

Present this voucher at the casino cage along with your C.A.N. Club card and valid photo ID to receive $10 in free-play when you earn 250 base points on slots or video poker in one 24-hour period from 12:01 a.m.-11:59 p.m. Offer must be redeemed on day points are earned.
Must be 21 years or older and a B Connected member and present your B Connected card and valid photo ID. Reproduction or copying of this voucher is prohibited. The Treasure Coast Ribs and Wings Festival on Hutchinson Island is easily accessible from I-95 and the Florida Turnpike.

Management reserves the right to change or discontinue this offer without notice. If you are a fan of Ribs and Chicken Wings, then you cannot miss the Treasure Coast Ribs and Wings Festival on Hutchinson Island. Although delicious BBQ Ribs & Wings will be the highlight of this festival, craft beer, wine, and drinks will also be available at a full service bar to quench the thirst of patrons enjoying food, live music, rides and fun.
Get ready, because there's a food festival in Florida coming soon that will be finger-licking good. Present this voucher to the players club at Arizona Charlie's Decatur to receive one FREE lunch, dinner or Sunday Champagne Brunch buffet when you purchase one buffet at the regular price.

FORT PIERCE, Fla., March 9, 2020 () - Ribs, wings and music lovers won't want to miss the Treasure Coast Ribs and Wings Festival on March 27-29 on Hutchinson Island. The Treasure Coast Ribs and Wings #Music Festival invites BBQ lovers to a family friendly adventure at the beautiful riverfront Causeway Cove Marina at 601 Seaway Drive on Hutchinson Island in Ft Pierce, Florida on March 27-29 , 2020.
The 2020 Treasure Coast Ribs and Wings Festival will bring together some of the area's top culinary artists, and the whole family is welcome. Management reserves the right to amend or discontinue this offer without notice. Offer expires December 29, 2020. Vero Beach, Florida… The Treasure Coast Boat Show is set to sail into Vero Beach on October 14-15, 2017 from 9am to 5pm at the Indian River Fairgrounds.
Must sign up for (or be an existing member of) Club Binion's and show valid photo ID to receive $10 in slot free-play. Management reserves the right to alter or cancel this offer without notice. Why You Need To Go: This mouthwatering festival will have you eating ribs and wings for three whole days including live music at two stages, a full bar, contests, vendors, and a lot of fun.

Present this voucher to the World Famous Gospel Brunch at House of Blues cashier to receive one free adult brunch when another adult brunch is purchased at regular price. Please stop by the B Connected Club to sign up. This voucher has no cash value, cannot be combined with any other offer or used more than once.
Expires December 30, 2020. The Treasure Coast Ribs and Wings Festival on Hutchinson Island is easily accessible from I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. Offer may be changed or discontinued at any time at the discretion of management. Present this coupon to the players club at Arizona Charlie's Decatur to receive a 25%-off voucher on your total bill (minimum $60), Wednesday-Sunday.

Black Thorn

KOTA KINABALU: The Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA) will introduce the cultivation of high-grade clones of ‘Musang King' and ‘Black Thorn' durians in Sabah. In his speech as guest-of-honour for Raub's International Durian festival on Friday (Jul 12), Mr Wan Rosdy said the state government is looking to brand the Musang King durians that are produced in Pahang, to differentiate its premium quality” from durians of the same variety produced in other states.
With its bright orange flesh and sweet, fragrant taste, D13 is a delicious sticky treat for those who enjoy less pungent flavours. It can be foreseen durian that the price of Black Thorn will reduce to that of Mao Shan Wang when more farms are growing it, leading to an increased supply of it.

Durian Black Thorn which is also known as Duri Hitam (Malay), Ochee (Chinese), and Hei Tze, Durian Black Thorn has a bright yellow and rosy orange hue, with its signature mark being its thick core and a reddish-brown line along the middle of the durian.
Happening daily until Sept 16, from noon to 10pm, the 2019 Genting Durian Festival offers some of the best durians from three local orchards - Durian Republic from Penang, Weng Fatt Orchard from Raub in Pahang, and Genting's own May Jie Gohtong Trading.

I used to sell durians,” says Chang Teik Seng, aka Durian Seng, of Penang's famous Bao Sheng farm Now I sell flavour.” He tells of his enlightenment” in 2009, when he began turning his 12ha plantation organic, upon realising how natural husbandry could increase his trees' health and longevity.
The Musang King we had that evening was grade A, it was perfectly ripe which is evident by the wrinkles you see on the flesh. Musang King trees are different. Interestingly, while Leow has won numerous awards in Penang for his Black Thorn, he has never entered a durian competition anywhere else.
Our award winning Black Thorn (D200) durian is famous for its buttery texture characteristics. The Tawa is a oblong shaped durian with flesh that is pale yellow, less creamy and more watery and very pungent. Durian trader Tan Chee Keat said the A-list Musang King would not cost a bomb but would be more affordable now.

Out of our group of 10, during the 8 days we spent eating durian , only one person ranked Black Thorn as his favorite. Asked about their win, Chua says this is testament to the notion that very good durian fruits can be borne out of organic farming practices.
The photo, which has been shared more than 85 times, shows four durian fruit with black husks, alongside a caption that states: New durian species, Blackthorn”. The flesh is not as thick as Musang King so it is lighter in texture and it also has the slight bitter after taste like XO durian.

I plan to go and try it, though if you get there before me, let me know if the D24 is worth it. A Mao Shan Wang might have greater appeal. The bottom has a little belly-button indent that protects the durian's dried up flower stamen from breaking off as it grows, creating a blackened thorn” that protrudes and gives the durian its name.
The flesh is dry, sticky and sweet bitter to taste. Woon says he was not surprised by the amount, as due to popular demand the price of Black Thorns has shot up in the past two months to between RM85 and RM120 per kg, depending on where they are sourced from.

The General Administration of Customs China (GACC) certification Dulai secured recently augurs well for the group as the appetite in China for frozen whole durian fruit is at an all-time high. The fruit is can sometimes be mistaken as a Mao Shan Wang because of its thick yellow flesh and indeed it is sometimes sold at Mao Shan Wang prices by unscrupulous durian sellers.

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