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Amalfi Coast Holiday

Amalfi Coast Accommodation (Italy) uses the experience of its designers and architects for fully furnished accommodations which better reflect your needs, giving you the best experience of self-catering on the Amalfi Coast for unforgettable vacations. Stay here if: You want to ease into your Amalfi Coast experience; you want to stay somewhere where most everyone speaks English; you want a strategic location for easy travel and day trips within the region; you don't have a lot of time on the coast; you want a mix between new world conveniences and traditional atmospheres; you want to day-trip from Naples or to Pompeii; you don't mind the crowds.
You'll feel like you are staying with well-stocked friends—the hotel has something called a club lounge,” an elegant room where chef-prepared snacks, like baked zucchini with Parmesan, rotate throughout the day, including unlimited espresso and Prosecco.

High, tree-swathed cliffs on your left plunge tumultuously into the azure waters below you on the right, the inlets and headlands punctuated Amalfi coast by scraps of beaches, terraced groves of giant lemons, and some of the most inviting, relaxing, and beautiful small towns in Italy.
Wander through Piazza Tasso on any given Sunday and you'll be exposed to one of Italy's finer passeggiatas (strolls), snaking past palatial hotels, magnificent marquetry shops and simple Campanian restaurants serving gnocchi alla sorrentina finished off with a shot of ice-cold limoncello.

Must-see locations in Sorrento include the Church of St. Francesco, which has a beautiful cloister area attached to the side of the church, the stunning views across the bay to Naples and Vesuvius, as well as the otherworldly ruined mill at the Vallone dei Mulini.
Once in Amalfi you can take the next bus to whatever destination you want to explore, be it in the Sorrento direction or Salerno direction To reach the beautiful Path of the Gods, Sentiero degli Dei in Italian, you must go towards Agerola and get off at Bomerano.
Stay here if: You want non-stop beach time; you don't need to be near major transportation hubs; you want to soak in the small-town atmosphere; you're looking for the most romantic spot on the coast; you are on your honeymoon; you've come to hike; you want to explore the sea caves nearby.

From Sorrento, you can head take an afternoon trip to Nerano, a tucked-away beach at the western end of the Amalfi Coast that is usually packed with yachts in the summer months, but if you come, as we did, in early October you can just enjoy a quiet lunch and swim at Lo Scoglio —famous for, among other things, their zucchini pasta—and then take a dip at their private beach.
It also boasts panoramic water, garden and sea views, and overlooks Amalfi. Best Time for Visiting Beaches: Those who plan to visit the Amalfi Coast for a beach-focused vacation will want to go when the sea temperatures are warm, from June through around mid-October.

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