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From above, they may look like Dutch tulip fields. Other areas of Turkey known for beautiful carpets include Canakkale, Aycalik, Bergama, and Milas on the Aegean coast while further inland; buyers should look at carpets from Denizli or Konya, of which the ancient traveller Marc Polo complemented the latter.
What I love about shopping in Kaleiçi is that not only the things the shops are selling but the shops themselves are antique too. Of course, the country of Turkey is famous the world over for its beautifully woven Turkish rugs and Antalya is no exception to this, with Anatolian carpet weaving being deeply embedded in the city's historic roots.

The problem is that carpets are like fine art: unless you really know what you are looking for, it is easy to be fooled or scammed into buying something that is not of real quality and turns out to be a bad investment. Antalya Halıcı Lastly, small prayer carpets that are easily rolled up and carried around are explicitly for that purpose only, although some collectors have been known to frame and display antique silk versions.
With its 150 stores and 30 restaurants and cafes, it brings a new style of shopping concept. Decent Turkish handmade carpets can be very expensive. The coastal provincial town of Antalya boasts an amazing range of retail products, setting the scene for the perfect shopaholic's paradise.

This summer, according to Reuters, around 25,000 carpets from around the country were laid out across nearly 500 acres, under the sizzling sun. These venues were at the same time the places where carpets and kilims were manufactured and traded. What we define as a Turkish carpet in this article is a handmade piece (either halı or kilim) traditionally made of natural, quality materials.
Around the 19th century, when Turkish carpets were introduced to Europe and mass popularity made it hard to meet demand, production facilities began to change and less costly, but also lower quality machine-made products began to appear. What to buy in Grand Bazaar: Carpets, jewellery, embroideries, hand-painted ceramics, spices and antiques - most of them are treasured souvenirs.

As a result, Kusadasi is full of multi-storey carpet shops, where rug dealers will be happy to welcome all your family, give you a small glass of Turkish black tea (apple tea for kids) and show you around. High-quality Turkish carpets almost always feature natural dyes.
Antalya is splendid city by the sea, called the pearl” of the Turkish coasts. Caller has brought a number of high value silk rugs from Turkey into th UK (or, presumably, USA or whichever country you live in). He has shops throughout Turkey and he and his family have been in the business since 1949.

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