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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

If you own a motorcycle, the prospect of listening to music while experiencing the taste of freedom is just the greatest enthralling feeling on earth. Cardo Packtalk Bold is loaded with a variety of cutting-edge features including, Bluetooth 4.1 with Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) technology, interchangeable boom and corded microphone options, self-adjusting volume, built-in FM radio, and long lasting battery with up to 13 hours talk time.
With the LX-B4FM, you can call hands-free on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to the best HiFi stereo music, FM radio or voice instructions of Bluetooth helmet speakers motorcycle enabled GPS navigation units wirelessly, and have conference intercom conversations with up to 4 riders at an intercom range of 1600 meters.

Despite the fact that GPS systems designed for use in the motorcycle industry have been around for some time, cyclists previously were not able to effectively use them device due to the poor audibility in areas with traffic congestion, wind and other environmental noise.
It's clear that wireless and Bluetooth style speaker systems offer a lot in the way of bells and whistles (like voice control and helmet-to-helmet communication with other riders) the fact remains that if you're looking for the best sounding motorcycle helmet speakers with no interference or interruption, a wired connection is still king.

These speakers come with an integrated microphone that enables you to use voice commands to control many of the speaker's features, enabling you to use your smartphone without keeping it. The built-in microphone is just one of those useful features these speakers need to offer.
The product offers Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, four-way intercom with a range of up to one mile, advanced noise control, smartphone connection, and an app for Android and Apple, smart audio to mix music with your video, and water-resistant for use in inclement weather.
These speakers are designed to improve your riding experience, whether you want to enjoy listening to your favorite bands or you need to keep close track of your mileage, where you've been, how long you've ridden for, and how many more miles you have to go before you can call it a day.

These superb helmet features wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with CRS technology, Hi-Fi speakers that makes you enjoy a crystal-clear voice and music from your smartphone, a Handset Profile, Handsfree Profile and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, integrated for most of the Bluetooth enabled gadgets like smartphones, GPS, tablets and many more.
The only downside of ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is the fact that sometimes the Bluetooth mode will go to sleep and you will need to recharge it for about half an hour to restore it back to its full capabilities.

And if it actually has all the features the brand promised — DOT certification, a carbon fiber shell, GPS turn-by-turn navigation , a rear-facing camera, an in-helmet HUD, hands-free operation, and much more — then this might end up being one of the greatest motorcycle helmets ever made.

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