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Car Accident And Personal Injury Attorney

Being in a car accident is usually a very confusing and devastating experience. The worst thing you can do to your case is to attempt to negotiate and arrive at settlements for your claims on your own, as the other party will most likely be represented by insurance adjusters and skilled defense lawyers who are more adept than you in handling personal injury matters.
M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers has a proven track record in handling these cases and routinely obtains the maximum insurance recovery for its clients while taking the time to carefully assist its clients with all ancillary needs and concerns that arise along the way, including but not limited to obtaining all necessary medical treatment.

Our car accident attorney in Los Angeles - Howard C. Kornberg, who has over 35 years of experience in litigating minor and major motor vehicle accidents in Los Angeles and across California - will dispatch his professional team of vehicle damage estimators and investigators, who would determine liability and assess the full value of your damages.
You should always enlist the help of a skilled attorney for help receiving compensation from an Uber or Lyft accident, and our Los Angeles attorneys are more than capable of handling your case and bringing you the maximum restitution available to you under the law.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Madison was a licensed insurance agent working closely on handling insurance matters, which provided him with in-depth knowledge and experience of the defense side of each case from an insurance companies strategies and perspectives.
If you sustained injuries, it is vital for you to receive proper and timely treatment and for your medical team to provide records of doctor visits, surgical procedures, radiological tests, prescriptions and rehabilitative care that will support your personal injury claim.
Only an experienced attorney, in cooperation with a savvy team of independent investigators and medical professionals, can determine liability in a car crash, evaluate the full cost of your injuries and damages, and craft a personalized strategy to help you win the compensation that you truly deserve.

Experienced car accident lawyers in California can do their own investigation into the accident, with the help of accident scene reconstruction professionals and investigators, and provide evidence that the other driver was partly or completely at-fault.
We at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer not only rely on empirical data but also information obtained by our DUI criminal lawyer who visits the site of the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer investigators visit the scene of the incident to get firsthand information on the case.
Establishing fault in an accident is an important part of the negotiation process because the amount you receive in California Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer under the pure comparative negligence law is based on, at least in part, to the amount someone is liable for your injuries.

Our policy is to start investigating cases as soon as clients hire us, to protect their legal rights and ensure that they are not blamed for an accident that was not their fault, and to apply all of our legal experience and know-how to get them the best possible settlement.
Victims of trucking accidents are entitled to compensation for their injuries from all at fault parties which may include not only truck drivers but the trucking company employing them, government liability for dangerous roadway conditions, and auto manufacturers for the development defective products.

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