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Confederate Flags Are The #1 Selling Flags

If you're looking for a Confederate flag for sale look no further. Add in the feedback cycle of tailored social media and news sources, and the United States could see a polarized populace still fighting over a cultural and political divide with roots dating more than 150 years, when the Confederate battle flag was first raised in rebellion.
Bagby characterized the flag motif as the "Southern Cross" - the constellation, not a religious symbol - and hailed it for pointing 'the destiny of the Southern master and his African slave' southward to 'the banks of the Amazon,' a reference to the desire among many Southerners to expand Confederate territory into Latin America.

Amazon now has an opportunity to again prove it is a good corporate citizen and join with other major retailers, business leaders and elected officials that now call for an end to sales and displays of a symbol that stands for hate and bigotry,” said Earl Ofari Hutchinson, president of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable.
A growing number of retailers are halting sales of the Confederate flag and related merchandise in reaction to its image as a symbol of racial hate, burnished by photos of the man accused of gunning down nine African Americans in a Charleston, S.C., church.
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Monday called for removing the flag from Statehouse grounds and Mississippi might do the same after House Speaker Philip Gunn said the state's banner, which includes the Confederate symbol, has become a point of offense and needs to be taken down.

But a few hours later, Vanessa Van de Putte, his daughter and the vice president of the company, called to say that the business had changed its mind after some major suppliers, including a venerable manufacturer, Annin Flagmakers, had said they would no longer make Confederate flags.
This bill would prohibit the State of California from selling or displaying the Battle Flag of the Confederacy, or a similar image, or tangible personal property rebel flag inscribed with those images, unless the image appears in a book, digital medium, or state museum that serves an educational or historical purpose.

The red vertical stripe was proposed by Major Arthur L. Rogers, who argued that the pure white field of the second national flag could be mistaken as a flag of truce. Through the years, we have gotten to know many people of good will who use these flags and also have nothing to do with those purposes.

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