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Experts Tips On How To Grow A Mailing List

Why do you need to build a list? A side benefit of this campaign was that we both received the details of the people who registered and attended the event so we could add them to our respective email databases - anyone who attended the events as a result of our email marketing would have received emails from both General Assembly and Web Profits soon after they registered.
Once that's done you can continue on down the list until you have a Content Upgrade for every page on your site that receives a good amount of traffic each month (note: work from home ‘good' is in context of your website, your traffic and your business - for some businesses it's 100 visits per month on a content page, for others it's 1,000).

Of course, you can take it a lot further if you want to. For example, you can then create other lead magnets for different types of customers if you want to get more sophisticated, and you can then segment your list so you can target prospects with different content and offers that may interest them more.
OK, I can talk about writing the perfect emails forever, yet I have already said enough and gave you links to read more if you want, you can also use the form to your right and follow my emails which would probably work best for you, let me tell you how to find the right vendors now.
A Content Cliffhanger is similar to a Content Upgrade… the main difference is that with a Content Cliffhanger you create a ‘list' article with say '25 ways to XXX' but only deliver 10 of them in the article… the readers can then enter their email address to get the remaining 15 items.

The reason why building an email list will also grow your sales is because assuming you regularly email your subscribers (at least once per quarter) and provide something of value, that's a direct line of communication with people and it works to build and maintain the relationship.
This ensures that the customer provides an active, accurate email address which helps avoiding spam traps and bounces - both of which ISPs look at very closely to judge the quality of your emails and decide whether or not you are allowed to enter through their pearly inbox gates.

And it's not just any opt-in bribe, you want something that relates to one of your blog posts, so you can promote it in that blog posts (this is called a content upgrade), as well as send it as a little present to your current subscribers (I call these subscriber-only bonuses).
Sure I'd get some subscribers here and there from a blog, but I put SO much time into those just to watch them flounder and get a few nice job!” comments from other wantrepreneurs stuck in the quagmire trying to build backlinks to their own businesses.

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