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The success of rap music has made it into a financial powerhouse. So for those out there who want to foolishly try and give credence to their own view of rock 'n' roll by eliminating any and all artists and styles they find unworthy of their personal praise, be aware that in your attempts to strengthen that narrow definition of rock you're actually diminishing the overall importance of rock in the process.
But Kenny Beats believes one of the most important songs in this new age of punk could be Look At Me by XXXTentacion - the controversial Florida rapper, real name Jahseh Onfroy, who was shot dead last year at the age of 20, while facing multiple criminal charges.

Some of the newer artists wield a smaller vocabulary comparatively, but this is not because hip hop has dumbed down.” The genre has evolved; it has moved away from complex lyricism toward elements traditionally associated with pop music: repetitive song structure and singing (Joe Carmanica recently wrote about this trend for the New York Times, arguing that it was led by Drake, who popularized the rapping-and-singing formula over the past decade).
Like any creative entity rock 'n' roll has evolved in ways that nobody could've foreseen when it began in 1948 and as a result it has grown very wide Best Music shoulders, which is precisely what has allowed it to remain the most culturally relevant music through the sixty-plus years it's been around.

And while hair metal groups looked lame compared to the anarchy and dissonance of grunge, the gentle songs of Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross withered next to Kill The Police,” Looking Down The Barrel of A Gun” and Ready To Die.” No hormonal 15 year-old boy was going to choose a gentle moon-and-June song over rap and grunge's rebellious sounds of chaos.
Times changed, and the evolution of his music changed with it. In his early albums, there was a much heavier influence on jazz (as a result of working with Blockhead); Labor Days seemed to be more rock-infused than earlier albums, while Bazooka Tooth ushered in a whole new musical style for the Long Island rapper.

While, on the whole, musical taste is determined just as much by nature as it is by specific individual experiences, nature's influence is strongest on appreciation of pop, classical and hip-hop music - indicating some people may be born to love Michael Jackson, Beethoven or Jay-Z.

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