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Housekeeper Los Angeles

Domestic and corporate staffing since 2005. It can seem incongruous for butlers to operate in a town where yoga pants are worn to meetings, but industry players do have their version of Downton Abbey Among the L.A. entertainment set, there are hundreds of high net worth households that employ multiple members of staff.
Hours: This position is full-time, 8 hours a day Monday to Friday (8 AM - 5 PM) in conjunction with the current full-time also need to alternate on weekend coverage with the current housekeeper.Weekend hours are solo, usually 9am-1pm Saturday and Sunday.

Kids are messy, we all know this, but now instead of taking the kids to an outside daycare each day, they can stay in the comfort of their own home with a nanny who will also keep the messes to a minimum so you aren't coming home each night to a dirty house.
We know inviting someone into your home to provide house cleaning services requires a high level of trust. Give our L.A. housekeepers a try and you will not regret it. Their outstanding housekeeping services are the best in the business. He or she works closely with the estate manager, house manager and personal assistant.
We only hire the very best in professional housekeepers in Los Angeles, CA. The cost of your house cleaning ultimately depends on a number of variables, including the number of rooms, square footage and the type of service you choose. Mission Maids uses environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and the housekeepers carry their own equipment.
Mission Maids offers maid service and house cleaning services that you can trust. We are adding new candidates to our domestic agency continually, nanny placement agency los angeles and are confident that BUTLER FOR YOU can provide you with experienced private service professionals who meet your individual requirements.

An executive housekeeper can manage staff, interface with vendors and liaise as necessary with the principle. Click on a domestic staffing position to read the full description. The breadth and experience of our pool of candidates make us confident that we can service households of all sizes.
If you're a professional, service oriented, loyal, discreet and dedicated person residing in Los Angeles, please contact us. Our agency will set up a personal interview. Every household has their reasons for hiring a housekeeper. Our domestic care aids are in the business of making sure your household runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

TLC Domestic Agency housekeepers have experience in cleaning homes, estates, mansions and offices. If this sounds like you and your Los Angeles based family, maybe it's time to hire a nanny who will perform housekeeping chores for you while he or she is taking care of the children.
It would be our pleasure to place a thoroughly screened, highly qualified Estate Manager, Household Manager, Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, Butler, Chauffeur, Chef, Housekeeper, Nanny or other domestic or household staff. With over 14 years of tried, tested, and proven excellence and outstanding service, EMAIDSLA stands out as the preferred name in quality housekeeping services home owners trust to provide outstanding home care services at better prices.

Dana's Housekeeping Personnel Service is California's most requested network of domestic referral agencies in California. Whether it is part-time or full-time, live-in or live out, or just for holidays and special occasions, our maid service professionals are always ready for your convenience.

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