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Learn The Right Way To Give Feedback

Praising our children for good behavior is natural, and it should be done when warranted. Similarly, employees who have an external locus of control , meaning they believe that events in their life are controlled primarily by external events over which they have no control, are more likely to disengage from a task entirely when given negative feedback.
Most people have good intentions, however the delivery of the feedback may be ineffective or lacks the impact. When we have the "right person for the job." The "hiring Training feedback geven en ontvangen of motivated employees" is a selection decision. Most of us avoid giving feedback and hate receiving it because it's only offered when something negative happens.

The most useful feedback answers this question: For this leader to be maximally effective, what should they do more of and less of?” It takes a strategic view of what the leader is doing effectively and less effectively today, and what they might continue or change to achieve the organization's objectives in the future.
If we go by what Green said about negative feedback being effective only when given along with an affirmation of the employee's value, then it seems the Feedback Pizza, where you deliver positive feedback followed by negative feedback, may work well.

As discussed in the previous guide, having a growth mindset will help change your attitude towards both receiving and giving feedback As an outsider, you can provide your co-workers with valuable insights into their performance and point out certain behaviors to strengthen their skills.
You can learn some key skills about giving and receiving feedback, but if your culture is one built on mistrust, on discomfort about receiving feedback and on focusing more on negative, than positive feedback, you have an uphill struggle on your hands, and you will never quite reach the excellence in performance you are seeking.

The person who hands out the criticism must be prepared for the backlash that might come their way, too (picture a raging employee shooting back with a criticism of their own thatвЂs taken on a sinisterly personal slant). In life as much as in work, it's important to know how to provide feedback to others, effectively and constructively without causing offence.
Sharing feedback involves skills in effective listening, verbal and non-verbal communications, and working in multi-cultural environments. Always try to give positive feedback when the employee's praiseworthy achievement is still fresh in everyone's memory. Fortunately, with this process you'll have that, and can be confident you gave the person a fair shot to improve.

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