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Looking for motorbike accessories for your used motorcycle? Now that you've decided you want to ride a motorcycle , passed that really difficult Traffic Police riding practical test and have purchased your dream machine, here are some ownership tips that I've learned from others, or from trial and error over time.
There is little financial risk for those dealers who want to carry out speculative trade in COEs, as putting down the S$200 deposit to initially acquire the COE commits the holder to nothing - there is no rule to say that the full amount has to be paid eventually.
Infinity Motor is your one-stop station with infinite possibilities. You don't need to look anywhere else for your motorcycling needs. Infinity Motor buy/sell new and used motorcycles. We offer the BEST SG prices on all bikes, and will not be beaten! We offer flexible and competitive finance options on all our bikes. We offer high levels of service and expertise, whether you are looking to purchase a new/used motorcycle, or to service and maintain your current motorcycle. All our staff are experienced motorcyclists as we offer practical advice and help to all of our customers. Brand New/ Used Motor Vehicles, Servicing and Insurance, Accident claims and repairs.

For both first-hand and second-hand bikes, the cost of the COE will be included in the price of the vehicle. Finding new motorcycles and used motorcycles motorcycle shop singapore in Singapore is really easy at A user friendly uncluttered user interface that has been specifically designed for better user experience.
With over 30 years of experience serving bikers in Singapore, ASP is proud to provide comprehensive insurance services to our valued clients. When purchasing mods, most of the time the local dealer or workshop will be very explicit with you on whether it's road-legal or not.

Use the Shop By Bike tool to search for parts that fit your motorcycle. The basic motorcycle license, which entitles you to ride bikes of up to 200cc, is called Class 2B. Here motorcycles and the gear you choose are designed to make a statement about who you are not just a way of getting from A to B.
I'll toe the line and say that you should wear a PSB-approved helmet (well, I do) and I've heard some stories of how insurance companies refuse to do a pay out for bikers who died while wearing a non-approved helmet. Most of the time they take care of my bike very quickly the same day so I avoid coming back another day to pick up my bike.

Our product portfolio includes well over 3,000 accessories products for all current BMW motorcycle models and almost all Boxer two-valve engines. With that being said, the price you've to pay for motorcycle insurance will also largely depend on the rider profile.

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