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Peru Amazon Tours

Peru is a South American country that has a diverse geographical terrain. After breakfast at the lodge we continue our trip in our private car to the fluvial port of Atalaya, from there we start our trip in a motorized boat through the Madre de Dios River to the Natural hot springs and then to the next lodge, the trip will be for 4 to 5 hours by boat, on the way we can see many species of birds such as herons, macaws, toucans, kingfishers, etc.
To enjoy the lowland Amazon rainforest, the hardy can take a camping trip with a guide; the majority of visitors go to one of the many great jungle lodges - of varying degrees of remoteness and rusticity peru amazon tours - located in Amazonia; and for the lucky few, a handful of small, distinctive cruise vessels offer waterborne tours on the Amazon River and her tributaries, starting and ending in Iquitos.
Manu National Park alone hosts more bird species than the USA and Canada combined, and Peruvian Amazon holidays based out of Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado are likely to reveal howler monkeys, sloths, anacondas, peccaries, macaws, and pink river dolphins.

The international companies operate in the Manu Reserve with their own land and river transportation and have their own land and lodges that leave no income for the communities and indigenous peoples who for years and centuries have kept this reserve in their natural habitat.
All told, over 27,000 square miles (70,000 km2) of the Peruvian Amazon trail has been deforested to date, an area roughly four times the size of the Manu Biosphere Reserve; 743,100 additional acres (300,000 hectares) are deforested every year within the Amazon rainforest.

Activities: Manu Biosphere Reserve - Lake Otorongo Salvador - Boca Manu - Parrot Clay Lick Manu Jungle Trips Visitors to Manu Biosphere Reserve and readers of this book, are likely to wish to see and learn more about large, exotic mammals: the jaguar, giant otter, and the monkeys are the most sought-after of the large forms.
The Manu Reserved Zone by contrast is much much deeper into the jungle, far away from Cusco, and can be reached either via an extended journey by road from Cusco then by riverboat deep into the jungle, or by flight to the city of Puerto Maldonado then by riverboat from there.
This day after breakfast we start our hike to a beautiful primary forest with our daily backpack carrying mineral water, snacks, lunch and our travel equipment such as camera, binoculars, telescope and machete, to explore the jungle to see birds like: Blue and Yellow macaw, Red and Green macaw, Scarlet macaws, toucans, woodpeckers, eagles, antbirds, hummingbirds, tanagers, etc.

Iquitos is a living breathing bustling fascinating example of a jungle city, and the city itself is a tourist destination due to the colourful mansions dotted around the city centre that are leftovers from the millionaires that lived here during the rubber-boom of the early 20th century.
Puerto Maldonado is also a much smaller city than Iquitos, in northern Peru, and therefore has less of an impact on the wildlife in the region meaning that lengthy riverboat journeys deep within the Amazon away from the city are not always necessary to allow you to observe some fabulous wildlife.

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