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Poker Contact Lenses Quality Supplier From China

This is the latest playing cards poker scanner digital camera with modern-day model, top quality leather-based and slim watchband. The criminals read the card by wearing an infrared contact lens purchased at 2000 euros (about 266,000 yen) from China by the court and marking with colorless ink using the two casino staff who acquired He said that when the clever manners of their crime were revealed, the presiding judge seemed not to be able to hide amazement.
It can be a short distance scanning digital camera and in shape for just about any sorts of using the web poker analyzer systems, these types of as AKK poker cards analyzers method, CVK series playing cards poker analyzer and PK King poker analyzer devices, and so on.
K.K Cheating Playing Card Devices India is the shortest way to earn money while playing cards in a casino. If you don't want to use luminous marked cards contact poker lens lenses, Texas Holdem and Omaha scanner system, the poker analyzer, or infrared marked playing cards, you can have a try with our exchanging cards device.

We install two poker camera lens in the wallet, so that this wallet double lens camera will be able to scan barcode invisible ink playing cards and the poker winner predictor analyzer will speak to you who are the biggest winner and the second biggest winner in Texas Hold'em game or Omaha 4 cards game or Omaha 5 cards game or Ronda game.
An Italian, self-proclaimed "internationally famous cheat player" was arrested on suspicion of wearing infrared contact lenses at a casino in Cannes, France and working fraud in poker. As for this watch camera with power bank, it can work with all generations of poker analyzer and can scan all styles of bar-codes marking playing cards.

With little effort, they can see through the marked cards. Korean Poker Cheating Contact Lenses are specially designed for all types of marked cards printed with any type of luminous technology. For more information contact us. We are the leading dealer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of K.K Spy Cheating Playing Cards in India.
K.K Spy Cheating Playing Cards are the smartest way to earn money. That same year, a French court sentenced a group of Italian poker players to lengthy prison stints for cheating Cannes casino Les Princes out of €100k in a scam that involved the participation of a casino dealer.
Infrared glasses for luminous invisible ink. Korean poker cheating contact lenses are made with the very soft material HEMA to make it gentle on the eyes of the user. It is different kinds of poker analyzer, the scanner system that can predict the winning hands.

It is hard to be detecting these lenses in the eyes of the user because these lenses are 100% invisible in the eyes of the user. The conmen were caught when police raided a hotel room in Dali, Yunnan province and found all four men, 30 decks of marked cards and a set of contact lenses.
Circle contact lenses, also known as color contact lenses and big eye contact lenses, are a type of cosmetic contact lens. More than 1 year, until it's no longer good at seeing marked cards. Emergency light poker scanning lens doesn't work with poker analyzer. Affiliate K.K Spy Marked Cheating Playing Cards in India and fix your victory in the casino while playing cards.

But you may have to act fast as this top contact lenses for poker is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. Without IR contact lenses, marked decks are just look like the normal playing cards; you cannot see anything on the back of poker cards.

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