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Amazon's product pages are infested with hundreds and sometimes thousands of deceptive reviews, and the schemes are getting so sophisticated that the retailer can't keep up. When reviews occur organically (the way Yelp and Chatmeter believe they should), without any prompting or promises from the search engines, business owners, managers, and employees, they deliver honest and unbiased feedback about a customer's experience with a business.
With 90% of customers stating that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and 72% of those respondents saying that they trust a business Is Legit or Scam more if they read positive reviews , investing time in managing your business's brand authority is more critical today than it has ever been.

Looking at actual products available on , Powell and colleagues Jingqi Yu (Indiana University Bloomington), Melissa DeWolf, and Keith Holyoak (University of California, Los Angeles) found no relationship between the number of reviews a product had and its average rating.
For each category, you also get access to a Buyer's Guide, a Category Leaders chart and ranking that is updated each quarter, an article library related to the category, and a unique and helpful Reviews section that not only provides access to user review narratives, but a bar chart ranking that tracks reviews from GetApp users, integrations listed on GetApp, mobile App availability, Twitter mentions in the last quarter, and user responses to a GetApp survey.
According to Labdoor's CEO, they " certify each lot of Garden of Life's CBD ingredients and finished products to ensure supply chain security." While other companies have since been approved by Labdoor, Garden of Life's approval was a CBD industry first.

Some 82% of American adults check product reviews before making a purchase — but the way we evaluate these reviews and determine the trustworthiness of a product is alarmingly simplistic: Research shows that we're more swayed by a simple star rating than what reviewers actually write.
They aggregate what others have reviewed, and using their algorithm, show you a summary and what the overall opinion is. You can browse between expert reviews and user testimonials on virtually any product you are thinking of purchasing, as they offer one of the biggest databases from the list, and their rating even gives higher importance to trusted sources.

What they found was puzzling: The ratings from their experiment were approximately normally distributed, like a standard bell curve, cresting in the middle (reflecting the higher frequency of two-star, three-star and four-star reviews) and sinking at the extremes (reflecting the comparable paucity of one-star and five-star reviews).
While they have a basic version for free (this lets you create a profile page and collect customer reviews), their paid versions let you create customizable review invitations, share ratings and reviews on social media, and link review data to your internal business systems.

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