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The Best Dentists In Kitchener, Canada

Rockway Dentistry aims to provide individuals with a comfortable and relaxing environment where we strive to exceed your expectations through professional results and our friendly staff. She provides quality dentistry for her patientsShe is widely recognized for her thorough and gentle care of patientsIn her about 20 years of practicing dentistry,she has treated over 25000 believes as a pediatric dentist has had a great opportunity accompanying with her husband Dr.Bahman who has been a professional orthodontist, enhancing her orthodontic skills.
Get to know your dentist: The best way to find a new dentist in Kitchener ON is to get to know them personally before you require dental care - we are talking about someone who spends a lot of time poking around your mouth with metal instruments, after all.

We are able to provide family, cosmetic and emergency dentistry in Kitchener, offering emergency care to help you when you need it. Our commitment to high standards and continuing education ensures that we can help you get and maintain a brilliant smile.
Dr. Sharkas enjoys dentistry and especially Prosthodontics. At Arvanitis and Associates we are first and foremost a family dental office. Find your dental solutions at the dental office of Dr. Mona Soliman. In most cities in Ontario, the local community or public health department offers some free dental services.

Ontario Dental Association - Has information about what you can expect from a dentist and general tips about caring for your teeth and gums. The decisions that you make about your smile and oral health are important and will impact the rest of your life. Our web site was created not only to inform you about our practice, staff and dentists, but to act as a comprehensive reference about your oral health.
Tanase said that in 2015, the CDHO proposed an amendment to the act that, if approved, would have allowed dental hygienists to provide dental care to their spouses. We have a wide range of services available including both general dentistry procedures and the latest cosmetic dental techniques.

Visit our Smile Gallery to view various treatments performed by Dr. Arvanitis, including in many of the cases the radiographs and very close up un-retouched photographs of his work. Our dentists strive to provide professional dental care to each of our patients.
Once you've settled on a list of potential dentists or dental clinics that are right for you, compare their medical credentials with the information available at the Canadian Dental Association. I've never had better experiences at a dental office. Kitchener Dental Office.

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