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CBD Skin Care survey provides key information about the industry such as helpful and important facts and figures, expert opinions, and the latest developments across the globe. What this also means, generally, is that all food, cosmetic and human-use lebensmittel (to use the German word for everyday consumer goods like food, cosmetics and lifestyle products) must pass through regulatory agencies that are very much like the USDA and FDA in every country and on a regional European level before being approved on a national sovereign one.
Among the terpenes with a medical effect contained in the full spectrum CBD oil are alpha-pinenes (anti-inflammatory), beta-caryophyllenes (alleviation of intestinal inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome), limonene (against skin irritations and possibly cancer) and myrcene (calming and anti-inflammatory).
CBD Öl in Bio Suisse Demeter Qualität, Hanf Tropfen, Cannabis Blüten, CBD für Tiere. Vapor Spirit ist spezialisiert auf die Herstellung von Bio CBD Cannabidiol Produkten aus garantiert schadstofffreiem Schweizer Anbau.

The only other option of course, is what is called Novel Food.” And even here, thanks to changes in EU BIO on the table for the next couple of years, those who hope to gain access via this kind of labelling, still need to pay attention to organic production.
Our hemp plants have a very high level of cannabidiol (CBD) and a full spectrum of natural cannabinoids and grown outside and in cbd öl schweiz greenhouses in Switzerland following organic principles, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the ISO 22716-2007 standard.

In order to maximize the wellbeing benefits of Hempfy premium cannabis tonic, we utilise natural ingredients and use Fructose (the healthiest" and most bio-available sugar) in our soft drinks, instead of refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or artificial sweeteners.
In Switzerland, the maximum limit value for THC content according to the current narcotics ordinance is 1%. Our products manufactured, processed and offered by GoldenGreen are always below this limit value, which is confirmed by regular tests in an independent laboratory.

Each country has its own laws regarding the THC content of cannabis and cannabis derivatives. As in Europe, the maximum threshold allowed is 0.2%, this forces farmers to cut the plant too soon. Our hemp extract is enriched with Swiss organic sunflower seed oil for a pleasant natural flavour.

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