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xMDx - Birdman ft. OD

After owning the previous two summers on the strength of stellar guest spots (2011's I'm On One” and 2012's Pop That”), Drake did it again in 2013, with an earth-shattering guest verse on the remix to Migos' then-bubbling hit, Versace.” Six years on, it's impossible to measure how impactful Drizzy's verse was, considering it helped catapult the Atlanta trio to superstardom.
Drake already had a flawless streak of guest spots (from Money to Blow” and Say Something” in 2009, to Made Men” and Right Above It” the following xMDx BirdMan year), but never had he swiped a song out from under the headlining artist as effortlessly as he did on DJ Khaled's summer anthem.

In the summer of 2016, their feud culminated in Drake sending multiple shots at Budden on French Montana's No Shopping.” In hindsight, these barbs overshadow Drizzy's superb verse, which has earned its place in the canon of underrated Drake guest spots.
But that doesn't mean it's not an entertaining listen, especially Drake's verse, which is perhaps the funniest guest spot in his discography. Pharrell and Chad Hugo's addiction to cheapo presets meant that they had to field plenty of vitriol back in the day, and looking back it's hard not to appreciate their balls dropping such distinctly uncool beats for the era's rap royalty.

When Drake wraps up his opening verse around the two-minute mark, the song is already his, completely. On Jamie Foxx's Fall For Your Type,” Drake's closing verse introduced fans to the off-script, sing-song style he's now known to implement when rapping over R&B beats.
I have really enjoyed this album for a while though I'm not really sure how much, or even really what tracks stand out to me. Other than Constantly Hating and Check that is, I love these two songs. 22 He released a music video for a possible future single, "My Jewel", which featured Bun B and Young Jeezy.
I just realized I've been talking about the album as a whole in the sections where I should be talking about the songs themselves, but this is what came to mind while I was listening. Birdman and Lil Wayne's original Like Father, Like Son album dropped back in 2006.

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