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Funeral Homes In Barcelona

Relatives can pick the services from those that are covered by the policy, the price of which is raised yearly by approximately 3% to keep up with the inflation and increase in prices. As the insurers collaborate with funeral homes, the services quoted by funeral homes are comparably lower when you have a policy than if you were to go independently. This type of policy is worth considering for young families who plan to stay in Spain temporarily and would like to be covered, or for older residents who plan to stay in Spain for life, but haven´t reached the age limit yet. The Singul family could have chosen a standard funeral but their father wanted to be cremated.
General restrictions with funeral ceremonies up to 200 participants, but private gatherings is restricted to 50 people. The number of participants at religious funerals is no longer limited to 30 people but to the capacity of the place of worship to accommodate people with the necessary distance. French government simplified administrative rules concerning funerals as an extension of the derogation for burial or cremation from 6 to 21 days from 12 December 2020 to 16 March 2021. The numbers of deceased with COVID-19 increased in Austria since beginning of November. Although the number of infected people decreased because of the country’s second strict lockdown , the situation is still challenging.

We have no lockdowns, but we currently have a very large spread of infection in the country at the same time as we increase the number of guests at funerals from 50 to 300. Which is very doubtful when the spread of infection is at its highest.
Specially on a day like tomorrow- All Saints, when many local families will be heading there to bring flowers to their dear ones. By Spanish law, which is different from some other countries where you can leave 100% of your assets to your spouse, the will is limited and 2/3 of the assets have to go to direct family members and the rest can be left to whom you define. Another type of insurance policy to consider is life insurance or setting up a savings plan.

This was explained by the Councillor for Presidency, Eloi Badia. The municipal government will be presenting the initiative at the next Commission for Presidency, Citizen Rights, Participation, Safety and Prevention, and is also taking on board recommendations from the Barcelona Ombudsman. City Council is to set up a public funeral services company with the aim of guaranteeing competence, quality and access to services for citizens, as well as cutting the cost to users by 30%. The average cost of funeral services on a national level is 3,600 euros, while in Barcelona, where practically only two companies operate, is 6,500 euros.
Some countries were late in labeling Covid-19 as an official cause of death. Moving empty coffins at a funeral home in Barcelona, Spain, to make room for more bodies. The weekend before Spain’s curfew took effect, police in Madrid also busted over 300 parties that violated a prohibition on get-togethers of more than six people. In late March there was widespread horror at reports of the military finding old people abandoned to die alone in care homes filled with bodies after staff fled. At one stage the situation was so bad that municipal funeral homes shut because staff weren't given enough protective gear and masks. But fed-up funeral home staff went on strike on the Day of the Dead - also known as All Saints Day or All Souls’ Day yesterday. Meanwhile, demonstrators pelted police with rocks and other projectiles in Barcelona in a second night of disturbances in Spain’s second-largest city.
The family may choose to have the name of their loved one carved into a wooden plaque where the ashes are laid to rest and will also receive GPS coordinates of the tomb’s location. A last will and testament and a living will can be created online via services such as Testamenta—essentially, a Spanish version of LegalZoom—but a potential issue for expats is the language barrier in the face of so much legalese.

About another 25 cases are reported to have been confirmed in the Basque country. A similar overflow of COVID-19 victims in Madrid led to city officials temporarily converting an ice rink into a morgue.
Now, the country has over 1.5 million cases and has recorded over 43,000 deaths. In addition to its presence in these countries, Mémora Group also operates internationally, thanks to its global platform Mémora International. This is a new concept in the integrated management of the entire funeral service, including international shipping from Spain and Portugal to any country in the world and vice versa, with an emergency team on hand in the event of major disasters. The quality of services provided by companies is good, but the cost for users is very high, as the First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, explained. Barcelona has the most expensive funeral system in the Spanish state. BARCELONA—Laura Espallardo removed her 64-year-old mother from a Madrid nursing home on Sunday following the death of nine residents a day earlier who displayed symptoms for the new coronavirus. The Roques Blanques cemetery of El Papiol, designed by Batlle i Roig Arquitectura, recently opened an space called ‘The Forest Road’, an space destined to bury biodegradable urns made by natural wood containing the ashes of the deceased.

There are, however, no U.S. government funds available to cover any of the expenses involved. The family or legal representative must pay all funeral home charges, shipping costs for the remains and personal effects .
Keep in mind that if the deceased was a citizen of Spain, the deathmust be registered in the Civil Registry section of this Consulate General prior to the transfer. Luxury Flower and Gift service in Barcelona every Day of the week.
Gómez and her colleagues work for Mémora, the leading funeral service provider in Barcelona with homes throughout Spain and Portugal. Like nurses and doctors, they have seen and touched the march of death from the virus that has already killed some 1.4 million people around the world. In Spain, nursing homes have emerged as a major source of infection and deaths from Covid-19 in a country servicios funerarias barcelona with the world’s second-highest death toll after Italy from the respiratory disease caused by the virus, and one of the fastest-growing outbreaks. On Friday, Spain reported another 932 deaths, for a cumulative toll of 10,935, and 117,710 confirmed infections. Welfare Wing is available 24 hours for facilitating documentation necessary for shipment of dead bodies from Spain to Pakistan.

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